Has your claim been denied? Call the Kendrick Law Group.

 It’s important to honor and protect those who have served in our military. Here at the Kendrick Law Group, we are uniquely qualified to handle legal issues experienced by members of the armed services and the special needs they require.

Retired Chief Master Sargent, Don Morrell, Esq., is a fierce advocate for veterans and heads our Veteran’s Affair division. Having served our country in both the United States Air Force and United States Navy, The Chief understands what hurdles our nation’s veterans face. Appealing your denied claim for disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can be a long and frustrating process.

The Chief can help navigate through the complex VA system. He brings the same core values – integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all he does – that helped him rise to the rank of Chief Master Sargent to his legal advocacy. Legal assistance can help access the benefits you are entitled to, leaving no stone unturned. Sadly, many veterans give up on the benefits to which they are legally entitled. VA laws and regulations are complex, often difficult to understand, and subject to frequent change which is why having an experienced attorney by your side is a significant advantage.

Below is a list of common reasons veterans seek legal assistance:

 Veterans’ Benefits: Compensable Claims

In order to receive payment for a disability (compensable claim) a veteran must present evidence that meets a three-part test:

  1. The veteran must have an established disability identified by a medical professional.
  2. The injury, illness, disorder, event, etc., must have derived during active service, which resulted in your current state.
  3. Lastly, medical evidence must prove a connection stemming from the disability and the active service deployment.

My Claim was DENIED, now what?

Don’t delay. If your claim or your families’ claim is denied, the Kendrick Law Group can help you in your appeals process. If your claim is reviewed by the local VA office and subsequently denied, you can appeal your claim to the Board of Veterans’ Affairs, where you will have the option of a hearing in front of a traveling administrative law judge, through video conference, or at the VA Office in Washington D.C. If your claim is denied by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, you can appeal your claim to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. There, a judge will review your claim and any medical evidence presented.

I can’t afford a lawyer to appeal my claim

Kendrick Law Group charges a contingency fee pursuant to Federal law and, in most cases, receives payment directly from the VA.

Discharge Upgrades & Records

If you have suffered an error or injustice in your military records or have received a prejudiced depiction of your service in the military, a process is afforded to you to have your records adjusted or your discharge upgraded. At the Kendrick Law Group, our first step is to create an application to the appropriate board to have your discharge records modified. Your attorney will represent evidence and argument to prove your entitlement to corrective discharge records. Then, your attorney will establish that your post-discharge conduct is also emblematic of your good and moral character, ultimately proving entitlement to corrective discharge records.

Survivors’ Pensions and Family Benefits

There are a variety of VA benefits available to family members of veterans, including Disability Indemnity Compensation, Survivors Pension and, in certain circumstances, health care. At the Kendrick Law Group, our attorneys are committed to helping veterans and their loved ones recover.