Looking for a Different Type of Legal Experience?

Kendrick Law Group is partnered with My Concierge at Law,
Delivering Legal Services on Demand

Our Focus

We emphasize providing our clients with superior legal representation and practical guidance at cost effective rates. We understand the importance of making ourselves available to our clients and being responsive to our clients’ needs. We look at ourselves as partners with our clients, providing our clients with not only legal analysis, but also participating in general business strategy, marketing efforts and personal legal needs as needed. Our goal is to help our clients avoid problems, rather than simply deal with problems as they arise. We accomplish this goal by developing deep relationships and strategic alliances with our clients.

What is a Concierge Lawyer?

A concierge lawyer is a trusted advisor who helps clients make informed business, personal, financial and legal decisions, without the client having to be concerned about being billed by the minute or hour.  Clients often forego legal advice because they are making decisions on the fly and can’t wait or pay a prohibitive hourly fee for a full-blown legal opinion. Our concierge approach to law emphasizes prompt, personal attention to our clients’ varying needs at various times, such that the “billable hour” is taken out of the equation.  Paying “a la carte” for legal services can add up and make you think twice before contacting a lawyer.  With our Concierge Legal Services, your monthly fee gives you direct access to our expertise and experience whenever you need it:  Night or day, 24/7 access to your attorney.